Technical Resources

ODOT Notice regarding Fly Ash Shortage_3-8-18

OCAPA's Tech Committee compiles and edits the following concrete resource publications:

Click this link to access the documents: Tech Data Articles

  •     Identifying & Minimizing Concrete Cracks

  •     Concrete Mottling & Discoloration

  •     Controlled Low Strength Material

  •     Curing of Concrete Test Specimens

  •     Hot Weather Concreting

  •     Hydration Stabilizing Admixture Testing for ODOT Drilled Shafts

  •    Residential Concrete

Submitting a Mix Design to Oregon Department of Transportation?

Use the check list below to make sure you include all required documentation needed for approval. Your submittal process will be much smoother and quicker.

Click here to download the Mix Design Submittal Check List.

Questions about the form? Give us a call and we'll put you in touch with someone from our Technology Committee.

The 2015 Oregon Standard Specifications for Construction book is available for purchase.  ODOT will be using these Specifications in all ODOT projects with a Plans Specifications & Estimate due date on and after January 1, 2015.

ODOT Specification Web Site

ODOT 2015 Standard Specifications Web Site

Lynx Group, Inc. book sales Web Site