Building with Concrete

Concrete is the single most widely used building material in the world.

There are nearly 3 tons of concrete produced each year for every human on the planet. It is used to build schools, roads, dams, foundations, bridges, tunnels, hospitals, parking lots, apartment buildings, homes, runways, sanitation systems, and hospitals. It can be cast into most any shape, and used for structural, surface, or decorative purposes. Cost-effective life-cycle costs, strength, and longevity makes it a prime material choice.

There are not many structures without some cement-based building product in them. Most all construction creates jobs supported in some degree by concrete. In fact, construction jobs in the United States represent approximately 6% of employment or around 9 million jobs.

OCAPA members are part of the entire concrete supply chain in Oregon. This includes sand, gravel and aggregate mining, equipment, transportation, cement suppliers, specialty products, ready mix concrete, architects and engineers, consulting and testing firms, and concrete construction contractors.

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