2021 OCAPA 54th Annual Meeting & Conference 

Thank you for joining us for an exciting virtual event, June 21st -24th, 2021. 

Monday, June 21st 
OCAPA Board Meeting, 9 am
GoTo Meeting 
Tuesday, June 22nd
ASTM C595, 9-10 am
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Jason Weiss, Professor, OSU
Keshav Bhadawaj, Burkan Isgor

Do you want a cement that has a similar performance to OPC but a 10% lower carbon footprint?  Well then PLC (ASTM C595) may be for you.  This presentation will describe the background behind the manufacture of PLC, discuss its history in specifications, and review performance test results.  Results from computational modeling will be compared with experimental results to show how PLC can be used effectively with supplementary cementitious materials.

Jason Weiss is the Edwards Distinguished Chair in Engineering at Oregon State University. He is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the American Concrete Institute’s Journal of Materials and is a member of the ACI Board of Directors.

Tech Committee Meeting, 10:15-12:15
Smart Fleet Safety, 1-2 pm
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Joshua Keene, EPB&B            Cliff Johnson, Acuity Insurance

Protecting your people, profits and public relations from injury and increasing auto rates. We will discuss loss control steps you can take to keep your people and fleet safe while reducing business auto premiums. We will talk about how to present your company to carriers in the best way possible so that they compete for your business. 

Environmental Health and Safety Committee Meeting, 2:15-4:15 pm

Wednesday, June 23rd

Heavy Construction Directory, 9-9:45 am
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Dave Weber, WeberDex

Learn about a new innovative way to get additional local and national exposure online for your company and easily find services and products for the Heavy Construction Industry

Promotions Committee Meeting, 10-11:45 am
Legislative & PAC Committee Meeting, 2-4 pm
Happy Hour and Annual Awards, 4:30-5:30

Thursday, June 24th

Driving Business Value and Maximizing Sales Proceeds, 9-10 am 
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 Don Bielen, Perkins & Co.

Selling a business is not for the faint of heart!  Over 40% of sales fail to deliver the intended results or are not competed at all! The main reasons are the valuation expectations are unrealistic, the business is not adequately prepared or the sales process was flawed. 

This presentation will introduce key value factors to drive enterprise value and position the company and the owner for a third-party sale.

Annual Business Meeting, 10:15-12:15